Monday, August 18, 2008


Status: Planned
Deadline: Comic-Con 2012
Time: ? - ?
Page Updated: 18 August 2008

Yes, I know. "Ironhide? Why in the hell would you want to do him?!"

One simple reason. Ironhide has NEVER been done before. I wanted to be the very first person to create in Ironhide costume, not to mention the fact all of the trouble I can get into with his giant guns. ^^

This Generation One Old Guy has been a love of mine for quite some time, but I never wanted to create a costume of him until quite recently. As I was talking to my friend Kitty and what we were going to do when she came down here to San Diego, we began thinking and generally being stupid. So, with being the same thing as my last two costumes, I'm going to be making Ironhide out of foam insulation and fiberglass, with a little Wonderflex for his helmet.

With the completion of Ironhide, I knew right away I wanted to make him a really big, beefy-looking weapon, since he's the head of security and the residential weapon expert on the team. Making a weapon will require a lot of ingenuity of household items on my part and, as of right now, I've got no clue hwo to put this sucker togehter. Originally I was just gooing to buy one of those toy guns from Toys-R-Us and thn spray paint it, but I realized that Ironhide needs the largest gun I can find.

Since the Ironhide costume is still in the planning stages, I will be putting this current space on hold for when I need it later.